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The Archaeological Museum

The Municipal Museum of Ittireddu, inaugurated in 1984, represents one of the first examples of exhibition strictly connected to the concept of “archaeology of the territory” in Sardinia, thus fulfilling a “historic” role in a trend that was subsequently followed by other municipalities over the following decades.

In the context of the accreditation process (2014), the structure and layout of the Museum have been revisited and renewed with the exhibition of artefacts found during subsequent research, while the explanatory panels have been updated in light of recent discoveries and acquisitions. There are now Internet-café services and a library focused on Sardinian archaeology. Two rooms are dedicated to temporary archaeological exhibitions.

The common thread of the exhibition is based on the assumption that Ittireddu is a “Territory Museum” and therefore it wants to highlight the close relationship between sites and finds not only in the panels, now bilingual, but also through interactive multimedia guides on mobile devices that allow access to additional information about the sites of the discovery of the most significant finds. In the six halls we enter a diachronic tour, from prehistory to the Middle Ages, focusing particularly on the Nuraghe Funtana whose excavation is fully represented in the exhibition, with a contextual reconstruction.

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