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Hall 1: Intro panel
Hall 1: reception

The first hall of the museum is intended for the reception of visitors....

Hall 2: Panel Life, death and cult during the Prenuragic age
Hall 2: Prenuragic Era

The second hall of the museum describes the Prenuragic Age in the area of Ittireddu....

Hall 3: Interior of Nuraghe Funtana
Hall 3: nuraghe Funtana

Hall 3 houses artefacts coming from the excavations of Nuraghe Funtana with the identification of the sites of discovery and with a context reconstruction of the last use-phase of the chamber of the central tower, depicted in a poster in the background....

Hall 4: Panel A territory, an Island and the Mediterranean Sea
Hall 4: Nuragic Era

Hall four presents the theme of Nuragic paleoeconomics, focusing on agriculture and metallurgy, attested to by artefacts found in Monte Zuighe and Nuraghe Funtana, displayed in the showcase....

Hall 5: Panel A village through the millennia… A pluristratified site of Monte Zuighe
Hall 5: the origins of History

Hall 5 of the museum houses the findings ascribable to the period between the Iron Age and the Roman times....

Hall 6: Panel The territory of Ittireddu in the context of the Sardinian roads during the Roman era
Hall 6: Roman Age and Middle Ages

Hall 6 is dedicated to the Roman and Medieval Ages....

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