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Pont’Ezzu (Old Bridge) over the Rio Mannu di Mores

The bridge was situated along the border between the municipalities of Ittireddu and Mores, over Riu Mannu which has modified its course and now flows towards thenorth west. Originally it was characterised by three arches which were 18 m high but now only two have remained (of different dimensions). One, the widest, is the so-called segmental arch while the smallest is the so-called round-headed arch. At the point from which the archway soffit springs besides the springer it is possible to observe the holes used to set the wooden beams for the centering.

The visible side of the pillars is set in regular rows  of basalt stone, with the exception of the second and fourth rows which are made from blocks of tuff. At the level of the foundations it is possible to see the remains of cutwaters. There are traces of the crowning element and of the parapets so it is possible to see the opus icoementicium (a filling construction technique with lime, pozzolana  and lime stones) used inside the pillars.

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